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How many brushes does a girl need?

Are you a culprit of the dreaded eyeshadow finger? We have all been there and done that (like when we were 12), but there is a time where you need to grow up and that means applying makeup with the best tools possible for you! And we will let you in on a little secret – once you start, you can’t stop!

Use these two mini tutorials as a guide to get your beauty routine started and then boost your skills from there. Practice makes perfect!

WORK IT – 9 to 5 in 3 easy steps
The ideal beauty routine if you are short on time and don’t want to wear a lot of makeup during the day.

Smoochy Smooth #38
Berry Blush #11
Brow Spoolie #26

STEP 1. Smoochy Smooth – Brighten and even out the skin tone of your eyes by using your foundation or a nude coloured cream eyeshadow, cover your entire eyelid.

STEP 2. Berry Blush – Shape your face by using a natural toned blusher or bronzer. Apply along the cheek bone.

STEP 3. Brow Spoolie – Frame your eyes by adding volume to your brows gel or powder. Use the spoolie after application to distribute the product through the hairs and to neaten into shape.

You are out with the girls and need a fuss free look that will turn heads.

Undercover Lover #21
Kitty Saint Fluff #23
Luxury Liner #34
Lippety Stick #40

STEP 1. Undercover Lover – Open up your eyes for a fresh look by applying concealer in a triangle shape below your lower lash line, blend outwards to remove any harsh lines.

STEP 2. Kitty Saint Fluff – Use a low to medium toned shimmer or glitter eyeshadow and apply from the centre of the eye towards the inner corner. Blend the edges outwards stopping just below the brow line.

STEP 3. Luxury Liner – Use a gel eyeliner and draw across your upper lash line. Make your flick as big or small as you like!

STEP 4. Lippety StickPlump up your lips with a glossy lip colour, try a peach or pink in summer and a red or brown in winter.



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