NATURAL OR NYLON? We have the scoop

Here at UBU HQ we like to use different types of bristles on our brushes to get the best application.

To apply powder or bronzer, natural bristles are our choice. The shape of a hair fibre is naturally crimped with tiny cuticles covering the follicle. These cuticles are similar to roof shingles because they layer over the top of each other along the hair shaft.
The layered cuticles create the perfect surface to collect powder particles which makes them more efficient for powder application.
Why? The powder particles get tucked into the cuticle layers and held in place until you start agitating the bristles when applying makeup.

For liquid and cream foundation nylon fibres work best as they are silky smooth so the makeup sits on the surface and between each strand making it easy to glide across your skin.

Make sure you try different types of brushes to see what works best for you with your favourite makeup!

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